BN coating by painting / spraying

Boron Nitride is a ceramic compound, that is chemically inert and stable up to medium to high temperatures (withstands up to 1000 °C on air, 1400 °C in vacuum and 1800 °C in inert gas atmosphere).

Boron Nitride coating is well suited to protect surface of graphite parts against oxidation, and to create non-wetting, non-sticking and dry-lubricating layer on the parts surface. Boron Nitride coatings are mostly used for coating of graphite parts used for processing of molten aluminium, magnesium, zinc and alloys, as well as hot glass.

Main advantages:

  • BN coating creates non-wetting surface, that provides graphite parts non-sticking properties when in contact with molten aluminium, magnesium, zinc and its alloys
  • Has dry-lubricating properties
  • Reduced maintenance costs and dow-time